Capable Kids and Families

The concept for Capable Kids and Families® (CKF) was initially developed in September 2001 at The Community Partnership in Rolla, Missouri, as a support system for families with children with special needs.

CKF strives to fill the gap in services for children with special needs and their families. The concepts underlying the success of the program are two-fold; empowerment of parents/families and focus on children’s potential for development. Capable Kids and Families® works to increase children’s developmental gains while supporting the family with appropriate resources and connections.

The Capable Kids and Families® program supports families who have a child with a developmental delay or disability. We provide monthly home visits allowing family members to speak with a specialist and explore their current needs, concerns and desires, professional and family resource materials, a playroom with adaptive equipment, opportunities to network with other families, and developmental therapy equipment provided as a loan and delivered to family homes.

A list of the developmental therapy equipment available for loan may be viewed here:

In Greene County, children with developmental delays and disabilities are eligible for services up until the age of 6 years. For more information, please contact Amanda Coleman at or call us at (417) 888-2020.