Home Visiting in Early Childhood

Our Home Visiting Network offers FREE and voluntary services to pregnant and parenting families with children under age 5. Home visitors will discuss child development, provide community resources and build trusting relationships with parents and care givers to help children and families improve health, school readiness and receive family support.

Myths of Home Visiting:


MYTH: Home visiting is just for people with “problems.”


TRUTH: Parenting is a hard job! Home visiting programs in our community are there to serve ALL families through early  childhood stages.


MYTH: Families must have a low income to receive home visiting.


TRUTH: Although some programs have eligibility criteria to participate, our community provides some programs that do not require a specific income level. The Greene County Home Visiting Network can help you find the program that is right for your family.


MYTH: Children’s Division can spy on you through home visiting programs.


TRUTH: Home Visitors work hard to partner with parents. These programs are not looking to monitor your family. Participation is completely voluntary.

Want to Learn More?

The goal of the Greene County Home Visiting Network is to provide unbiased information about Early Childhood Home Visiting programs in the area. A coordinator is available to answer questions and complete referrals for families and professionals.


Contact Amanda Coleman at acoleman@cpozarks.org or call for more information:


The Network is facilitated by Community Partnership of the Ozarks and funded by Missouri’s Children’s Trust Fund.