Early Childhood Specialist

Full Time

Full Year

Job Summary:

This is a professional position that promotes high quality early care and education by serving as a coach, mentor, and consultant to child care providers in southwest Missouri. Early Childhood Specialists develop and maintain relationships with child care providers, child care directors, and parents of young children, educating and training them on a variety of topics.


The Vice President of Early Childhood and Family Development, following adopted policies of Community Partnership of the Ozarks, evaluates the Early Childhood Specialist.

Reporting Structure:

Early Childhood Specialist reports to the VP of Early Childhood and Family Development of Community Partnership of the Ozarks.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Efficiently schedule monthly appointments with child care providers on assigned caseload;
  • Coach/model developmentally appropriate classroom strategies to maximize impact on school readiness, health and safety of childcare environments, and the support of families;
  • Recruit participants for the Educare program;
  • Use professional judgment in planning appropriate lessons, compiling information needed, providing relevant training, and teaching lessons when required;
  • Provide child care providers with new learning materials to meet their individual needs;
  • Address the needs, concerns, and questions of each child care provider. This will often involve research to find the appropriate professional response;
  • Use assessment tools to determine what a provider needs to improve the quality of care/education they offer children, including but not limited to CLASS.
  • Works with each provider to set meaningful goals to improve quality, school readiness, and child health & safety;
  • Maintain records of each visit and follow-up with providers as appropriate;
  • Submit monthly report to supervisor;
  • Plan and lead workshops as needed and/or requested. This may include preparing sign-in sheets, evaluation forms and clock hour certificates as needed;
  • Maintain an awareness of community services available and make referrals as needed;
  • Maintain confidentiality of information on participating child care providers;
  • Implement changing grant requirements;
  • Regularly communicate in person, via written email, and on the phone in a professional manner.
  • Participate in CPO’s resource development/fundraising activities;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Essential Qualifications/Skills:

  • Associate’s degree or higher in early childhood education, child and family development, psychology, social work or a related field;
  • Minimum 3 years paid professional work experience working with groups of young children and families in a child care setting;
  • Comfortable working with and an ability to teach a wide range of adults and children;
  • Possess necessary job-related knowledge, positive interpersonal skills, organized, motivated, enthusiastic, good time manager, self-disciplined, independent decision maker, good networking abilities;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Computer literate with internet and Microsoft Office-Word experience;
  • Willingness to attend conferences/trainings related to Early Childhood, coaching, training and other topics that benefit the position;
  • Ability to travel throughout southwest Missouri;
  • Ability to lift, push or pull 35 lbs.;
  • Willing to work a flexible schedule, some evening and weekend work is required;
  • History of regular attendance;
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.

Position Clarification:

The position of Early Childhood Specialist is a grant-funded position and is based upon funding availability. This is an exempt, full-time position. Grant funding dictates the pay range for this position. CPO receives federal grants and contracts and therefore must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Marijuana is considered an illegal drug under federal law, with no exception for medicinal use and is not protected under ADA. Community Partnership of the Ozarks is an Equal Opportunity Employer