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Coordinator of Home Visiting Services

This professional position is responsible for coordinating all home visiting services within the Family Focused Network and maintaining contract compliance with grant/contract providers. The Coordinator of Home Visiting Services is responsible for initiating relationships with new providers, maintaining contact, and data collection from home visiting providers and area families interested in the service. Other responsibilities…

Early Childhood Specialist

This is a professional position that promotes high quality early care and education by serving as a coach, mentor, and consultant to child care providers in southwest Missouri.  Early Childhood Specialists develop and maintain relationships with child care providers, child care directors, and parents of young children, educating and training them on a variety of…

Healthy Families Family Support Specialist

The Healthy Families Family Support Specialist is responsible for initiating and maintaining regular contact with families, primarily through home visits and networking meetings and coordinating other services.

School-Based Social Worker

This professional position is responsible for promoting and supporting academic and social success for children within the Springfield Public School System by creating a systems approach to advocating for their educational, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. The School-Based Social Worker will work collaboratively with school staff to assess the needs of students and their families…

O’Reilly Center for Hope Administrative Assistant

Community Partnership’s O’Reilly Center for Hope is a one-stop service center for housing and financial stability bringing together multiple organizations. The Administrative Assistant will welcome guests and partner agencies to the center providing service check-in, direction, and support and ensure a welcoming environment for guests and partner agencies of the center.  This position provides excellent…