What We Do


We Help Build Resilient Children

Community Partnership supports and offers programming, services and collaborative partnerships designed to build healthy, resilient and successful children and youth.

We understand that when the community and resources come together for our children and youth, they will be healthier, feel more connected and able to realize their full potential.

Our early childhood initiatives focus on school readiness, positive early childhood development, and quality child care for preschoolers. Other initiatives serve school age youth and focus on after school and academic enrichment, attendance, tutoring and mentoring, alcohol and drug prevention, and leadership development.

We Help Build Healthy Families

Health and quality of life are so important. Not just to families and individuals but to neighborhoods and communities.

We know that substance use, violence, homelessness, and lack of resources negatively affects the ability to succeed in school, to develop the social and emotional skills to foster healthy relationships, to communicate and bond as a family, and to gain and maintain employment.

To help build healthy families, we focus on substance use and violence prevention, education and training, and collaborative partnerships that provide crisis intervention and a safety net to those most in need.


We Help Build Strong Neighborhoods & Communities

Strong neighborhoods and communities are key to progress and positive change.

To help build strong neighborhoods & communities, we focus on community engagement and capacity building to help build relationships and social capital, to give a voice and opportunities for service and leadership, to foster a sense of belonging and ownership, and to build skills and capacity in both individuals and groups.

Initiatives that work to prevent homelessness and ensure safe, affordable housing, to prevent child abuse and neglect and reduce poverty, to ensure clean air and water, to prevent crime, substance use and violence and to increase access to quality, affordable child care and preschool programs are key to strengthening our neighborhoods and communities and the residents who live in them. These initiatives engage the community and facilitate positive change that leads to long-term, measurable outcomes.


You Make a Difference

We need you to help us make a difference in our community! Whether you donate, advocate or volunteer, your support is vital to helping build resilient children, healthy families, and strong neighborhoods & communities.

Contact us at info@cpozarks.org to let us know how you want to get involved!