Social Work Internship

Unpaid Internship

Full Year

Job Summary:

The Social Work Intern works (within his/her designated area) with families in need of support to help them with emotional, physical and/or financial situations that are causing discord in their families and disruptions to the child/ren success at school.


The Senior Social Worker, along with any other Community Partnership staff, who work directly with the intern, evaluates progress of intern.

Reporting Responsibilities:

The Social Work Intern reports directly to Community Partnership’s Senior Social Worker.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with families within the assigned area to help identify resources available to assist the family with their identified needs
  • Make home visits and connect families with needed resources
  • Identify community, business, and civic resources and opportunities for leveraging existing resources to support the needs of students and families, and the ability to network with those resources to provide the most efficient help to client
  • Prepare written documentation of home visits, referrals, services provided and client outcomes on a monthly basis
  • Work collaboratively with school staff to address and meet needs of students
  • Plan and implement skill building groups with identified students in Title I school setting
  • Plan and implement mentoring services with identified students in Title I school setting
  • Prepare written documentation of group and individual student interactions and outcomes
  • Assist with school based outreach programs that benefit students/families
  • Attend staff, operational, and other community meetings as assigned/beneficial

Essential Qualifications/Skills:

  • Bachelor or Master’s level social work intern
  • Computer and internet literate
  • Good communication skills
  • Driver’s license and reliable transportation
  • Ability to travel within the community
  • Analytical skills including critical thinking, assessing data and prioritizing information
  • Ability to work with diverse family situations

Position Clarification:

This is a non-paid, volunteer position. Community Partnership is an Equal Opportunity Employer.