Affordable Housing Supportive Services

Fulbright Springs (71 units), Westport Park (46 units), Woodfield Park (47 units), Oakwood Place (48 units) and Plymouth Landing (39 units) are apartment developments designed to provide safe, affordable and quality housing for families in our community. The concept driving our program is that affordable housing is about more than a roof over someone’s head — it’s about creating an environment to strengthen communities.

Our partnership with these housing developments allows us to host events and encourage the community to come together and care for one another. Through on-site educational opportunities and family events, neighbors can get to know one another, lend a helping hand and build community together.

Ongoing community events and activities are provided to all residents free of charge. These occur on a monthly to quarterly basis and range from family-oriented games, activities and exercises to individual educational events to build relationships and produce more unified families and communities.

Our partnership with this innovative model allows us to offer supportive services, education and neighborhood development through an onsite social worker with a goal to equip families with the tools needed to attain stability, connect to the community and improve on healthy family functioning.

For more information on finding affordable housing, learn more at our O’Reilly Center for Hope webpage.