CAN Collaborative

The Child Abuse and Neglect Collaborative works together to prevent child abuse and neglect through five identified priorities:

  • Prevent child abuse and neglect through strengthening families.
  • Springfield and Greene County will have a quality understanding of child abuse and neglect and will know how to respond to the needs of the community
  • Businesses, civic, and faith-based organizations in Greene County that work with children will support families through positive parenting practices
  • Develop a state of the art child welfare system in Greene County, ensuring all children, families, and caseworkers will have the necessary training, support, and services needed for successful outcomes.
  • All suspected child abuse and neglect will be reported to the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline

Child Abuse and Neglect in Greene County, Missouri

According to the 2017 Annual Report from the Greene County Juvenile Office, there were an average of 595 children in care in Greene County for the year 2017.

The Child Abuse and Neglect Collaborative began meeting in January of 2013. Laura Farmer serves as the Chair and Katiina Dull serves as the Vice-Chair. Six sub-committees were created to focus on supporting children in child welfare: Public Awareness, Supporting Children in Child Welfare, Supporting Families in Child Welfare, Trauma Response, Mandated Reporter Training, and Faith Community Engagement.

Trauma Awareness Training

This two hour training is designed for anyone interested in learning more about trauma. Individuals and agencies can benefit from the material.

  • The prevalence and impact of trauma on brain development
  • The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES) which examines the long term impact trauma can have on social, emotional, and health
  • What is behind the behaviors we see and how to shift our perspective to better serve families through the lens of trauma

Have questions or interested in joining?

For more information, email or call 417-888-2020.