Housing Collaborative

Mission of the Housing Collaborative

To advance knowledge on issues related to affordable housing by creating forum for community-wide problem solving that targets all populations at every stage of assistance, ensuring safe, decent, affordable housing for elderly to youth and homeless to home owner.

The Housing Collaborative was created to bring together stakeholders in the community to bring a community wide focus to safe, decent, and affordable housing. There are about 90 members of the Housing Collaborative who work together toward the following goals:

  • Promote Planning & Zoning policy changes to support appropriate and flexible housing patterns
  • Support efforts (and educate the public about issues) to reduce hoarding & extreme squalor, to help ensure the safety of occupants, citizens and first responders
  • Monitor advocate and provide assistance for the implementation of the new rental registration program
  • Provide collaborative support for neighborhood efforts to improve the quality of housing across our communities
  • Support community and agency efforts to secure federal and state affordable housing development program funding
  • Educate the public about issues of housing relative to each stage of life

Brandon Jenson serves as Chair and Nancy Williams serves as Vice-Chair of the Housing Collaborative. The Housing Collaborative meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 11:00 a.m. at the O’Reilly Center of Hope ~ 1518 E. Dale St. ~ Springfield, MO.

Have questions or interested in joining?

For more information, email info@cpozarks.org or call 417-888-2020.