Prosper Springfield

In October 2015, the Impacting Poverty Commission produced a call to action report after 18 months of studying the causes and effects of poverty. The report included creating Prosper Springfield, an initiative to follow through with the recommendations in the report. The initiative was created in March 2017 to work with the 300+ entities in the community working to make the Springfield community more prosperous. Prosper Springfield is charged with reporting to the community how well we are progressing with the recommendations in the report.

The community has two goals to increase the prosperity for our community: 1) Reduce the poverty level from 25.7 to 20.7 percent and 2) increase post-secondary attainment from 39.5 to 48 percent – both by 2025.

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For more information, contact, Francine Pratt, Director of Prosper Springfield,


View the Equity and Prosperity Commission Community Action Plan