Substance Use Prevention

Our Prevention Resource Center (PRC) offers training and technical assistance for substance use prevention initiatives across 21-counties in Southwest Missouri, including working with regional coalitions to help reduce the use and misuse of drugs by youth. The PRC also produces the Helping Everyone Learn Prevention (HELP) video series to help parents, youth and community members become educated about prevention issues, as well as gain tips and strategies to prevent youth from turning to drugs and violence.

Awareness & Education

Substance use prevention starts with becoming more aware of substance issues or concerns, then learning about strategies that can help reduce those concerns. Visit these links for more information and education about substance use and related consequences:


The PRC works with coalitions across 21-counties of Southwest Missouri, offering training, technical assistance, and support to help them prevent substance use and related consequences in their local community. They do this through implementation of the Strategic Prevention Framework to build resilience and improve the community. Coalitions are open to the community and involvement is encouraged.

To learn more or become involved with a local coalition, contact Rikki Barton at