NAP Tax Credits

O'Reilly Center for Hope NAP Tax Credits

What are Missouri NAP tax credits?

NAP tax credits are an incentive for philanthropic giving for qualifying gifts to Missouri non-profits that have been awarded tax credits by the State of Missouri. A qualifying NAP tax credit gift to CPO for The O’Reilly Center for Hope qualifies for a 50% tax credit.

Who is eligible to receive Missouri Tax Credits?

Corporations; individuals who own sole proprietorship, operate a farm, have rental property or have royalty income; a shareholder in an S-Corporation; a partner in a Partnership or a member of an LLC; financial institutions (banks, credit institutions, savings and loan associations, credit unions, farmer’s cooperative credit associations, building and loan associations); small business corporation, and insurance companies are all eligible.

What size Contribution is required?

The minimum contribution amount to receive Missouri NAP Tax Credits from CPO is $500.

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